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  1. It never ceases to amaze me how much we don't know
  2. Just...wow...
  3. Bear Grylls no longer the most hardcore bear in the world
  4. World's smallest ...
  5. Why, Science?
  6. What we need to know About speciation-FREE
  7. UK scientists find 'lost' Darwin fossils
  8. Pregnant Bear Cam
  9. Helloooo Silverback
  10. G-spot 'definitely doesn't exist'
  11. Space Hurricane from the Sun!
  12. There is a mouse in my house and I want to trap it.
  13. LEGO man in near space
  14. WTF weather
  15. Obesity diagnosis may depend on physicians' weight.
  16. Finally a treatment for CF
  17. This makes me sad
  18. New "Super Earth" Found
  19. Cool Flying Robot Copters
  20. 2012 End of the world?
  21. Axial tilt
  22. Denisovan genome entirely sequenced
  23. Love Song of a Jurassic Katydid
  24. clever chimp
  25. Killer T Cell Attacking a Cancer Cell
  26. Why Crunching Data For Science Is the Future of Game-Playing
  27. Remember Big Dog, the fourlegged all terrain robot? Here's LS3
  28. I have the world wide web in my pants! Now what?
  29. Tourette’s-like disorder in New York school confounds experts
  30. Mini chameleon and other new friends...
  31. How long for a body to decompose?
  32. Canadian government is 'muzzling its scientists'
  33. "Creamy thighs damp with anticipation..."
  34. Best droid apps
  35. What was with Robert Hooke?
  36. Recommend me a surround sound
  37. Find the bullshit game.
  38. Six-Legged Giant Finds Secret Hideaway, Hides For 80 Years
  39. "We can rebuild him"
  40. iPad HD
  41. The BBC Natural History unit is amazing
  42. Good android media app?
  43. Stanford University offering free courses.
  44. Go learn
  45. Do flies get hangovers ?
  46. NASA Releasing Chemtrails
  47. HTML
  48. QR Codes
  49. twitter
  50. Wheelchairs are obsolete
  51. Casimir effect
  52. Earth Age off by Millions of Years
  53. It's about bloody time!
  54. IP addresses and why do we give a shit?
  55. pic nic gear
  56. Flying car flies
  57. A simple protein that could lead to better vaccines
  58. Anaesthesia = jetlagged
  59. Supermaterial!
  60. Are message boards in decline?
  61. The Lyrid meteor shower
  62. In search of a white whale
  63. Space Shuttle Lands in New York
  64. Big Moon Right Now
  65. Driverless cars
  66. Vesta has an iron core
  67. Eye of Horus is Math
  68. Two of the most amazing science animations I have ever seen.
  69. 33 Stunning Photos Of Our Amazing Planet Earth Taken By A Guy In Space
  70. Upcoming solar eclipse to project 'ring of fire'
  71. Sasquatch Watch
  72. Cold Fusion device at M.I.T.
  73. Ten million years to recover from mass extinction
  74. Sea level rise where you live
  75. Melungeon DNA Study
  76. Help Please : New Phone
  77. Transit of Venus
  78. June 12 is official Hug A Climate Scientist Day
  79. Slingshot Thoughts
  80. Opportunity sent you a postcard
  81. Strange Vortex Discovered on Saturn Moon Titan
  82. This sunspot is big enough to see without a telescope...
  83. Upper limits
  84. 2012, not an end but a new beginning
  85. COLLAPSING COLONIES GM Crops Killing Bees
  86. Curiosity
  87. Perseids!
  88. Horseshoe crab leaves longest fossil trackway
  89. The patron saint of geeks
  90. Google's free wifi is ramping up with 4000 new hotspots
  91. 2012 expected to be worst West Nile Virus year so far in the US
  92. Psychopathic boldness associated with presidential success
  93. google adds critical functionality to search engine
  94. Enormous gas cloud surrounds our galaxy
  95. What are Those Things on Mars?
  96. Felix Baumgartner freefall
  97. Softbank Sprint Team-up
  98. 25 most endangered primates
  99. one step closer to star trek replicators
  100. Peek-a-boo I cancer see you (did you see what I did there!)
  101. Never mind this thread!
  102. Paper computer
  103. Finally! Success in Beaming People to the Moon!
  104. We're moving!
  105. Expanding earth. Do the continents wind back to a sphere
  106. Gah! I need help with my dumb :(
  107. Woohoo! Meteorites!
  108. Clean Water from Billboards - Peru
  109. Windows 8
  110. Are smartphones emasculating?
  111. Science communication
  112. Tapatalk 4 beta
  113. Steampunk insect
  114. Brains ..
  115. We are screwed, FYI
  116. Oh God Boston Dynamics Has Introduced Another Creature to Fuel Your Nightmares!
  117. Perils of Ornithology
  118. lost world of undiscovered animals
  119. Big BIG Typhoon Haiyan
  120. 1/3 of Americans Reject Evolution
  121. What Will Fifty Years Bring?
  122. Getting Unscrewed: The Alternate Energy Solutions Thread
  123. Rebutter - it's about time
  124. Animal, Vegetable or Mineral - Nature
  125. In India, One Man's Excellent Invention
  126. Big Bang echoes ....
  127. Comin' Home to Mama: ISEE-3, Launched in 1978, still able to talk
  128. Its Just Like Being There
  129. Real time lightning strikes.
  130. Florida and the Air Potato
  131. hands
  132. Australians are noisier, more aggressive and more intelligent than in any other country in the world
  133. Siri, what's a he'copter parent?
  134. The Homesman Rosewater
  135. Rhys' various computer woes
  136. Swedes volunteer to be domesticated by global elites
  137. Reading fuck ya!
  138. ITT post things you'd like humans to evolve away from
  139. Callout: Nostrum
  140. Thoughts on Facebook Security Issue
  141. spacetime ...
  142. It's people! PEOPLE!!!!
  143. Thread for interesting stuff about the Physical Sciences
  144. A very MindRomp biological sciences thread
  145. Night Sky - things are looking up
  146. A Wild Nostrum Appears! And other whales
  147. Well known pieces of hardware come to an end...
  148. These guys are hilarious
  149. hairstyle archaeology
  150. Do androids dream of electric sheep?
  151. Science has spoken: internet cats make you feel better
  152. memes been around for a while
  153. building a hut
  154. 12,000 year old puppy preserved in Siberian Ice
  155. Stuff in Space
  156. New Dromaeosaur wth complex layered arm feathers: Zhenyuanlong suni
  157. Sounds...Strange
  158. Cyber war in realtime.
  159. History / anthropology / paleoanthropology / human evolution thread
  160. Radiation might kill us all.
  161. "What is the web actually for?"
  162. Upgrade to Windows 10 for Free
  163. GMO's and Monsanto
  164. 404 Not Found
  165. New human-like species discovered in South Africa
  166. Fuck me rigid
  167. So proud. :canada:
  168. Extreme Weather
  169. dimetrodon in PEI
  170. Bitmessage
  171. NOSTRUM!
  172. Cancer Sucks
  173. All around the world, lakes are disappearing
  174. Chimps, they got religion. Maybe
  175. Follow the Pots
  176. 400,000 year old fossils from Spain hint at common ancestry of Neandertal and Denisovan lineages
  177. Tay The Racist AI
  178. Planet Nine
  179. Science finally figures out the obvious:
  180. Einstein, that little shit
  181. someone just told me this was a thing
  182. Arctic Fox Gardens
  183. Your brain is not a computer
  184. A Little Climate Change Hope in the Boreal Forest
  185. Entire 100 milion year old bird wings in amber
  186. Rat Cell Powered Swimming Tiny Stingray Thing
  187. Dead letters
  188. it's just arithmetic
  189. ASGARDIA or bust
  190. Is my Sweetheart a scientist?
  191. Corpse decomposition
  192. Fury and Hecla Straits: Animals scared away by seafloor pinging
  193. Sleeper
  194. Cutting-edge Canadian Science
  195. Tyer Wind Converter
  196. 10 Year Impossible Puzzle (14:22 run time)
  197. Adventures in information security
  198. Age of Aquarius
  199. Brain Development.
  200. Pear Earth Weather Thread
  201. The Apple Shaped Thread
  202. The Next Rembrandt
  203. New DNA evidence on "Celtic"
  204. Scientist make incredible claim about apes.
  205. flat earth nonsense
  206. OMG OMG OMG Eclipse!!!!!!!!!!
  207. Bradford Pear Earth Weather Thread
  208. Auto Translating ..but
  209. Call out: Straya!
  210. Big malware threat: check your routers URGENT
  211. Plastic...India banning single use plastic
  212. Somebody explain these 'free tv boxes' to me.
  213. Finally, A good use for Gold, Food...
  215. Brushing your teeth doesn't stop you from getting cavities
  216. Here we go again!
  217. And just one more...Rigid Light...
  218. Solar Sucks, Go Nuclear
  219. Science Discovers the TRUTH!! New Perspective!!
  220. Don't Upgrade to Windows 10
  221. Call Out:MSG
  222. Science saves THE cat, MSG troll
  223. Callout OP8
  224. Ranting Results of Recent Overindulgence
  225. sci fi predictions
  226. Will Covid-19 Kill John Galt?
  227. Canine teeth
  228. Top Tips for How to Beat Slot Machines
  229. Things
  230. New Raspberry Pi
  231. Vaccine and Herd Immunity vs a Cold
  232. Genetic manipulation for survival in space, it begins!
  233. crypto spam