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  1. Black and White
  2. Offside Law
  3. The South Carolina Primary
  4. i've never seen this before
  5. India and Pakistan
  6. I Went Bowling For The First Time In Years
  7. Democracy
  8. SOPA
  9. Wheelin!!
  10. Trap Shooting
  11. Where are you on the Political Compass?
  12. Obama performs live at the Apollo Theater
  13. Sporting predictions 2012
  14. Ga. judge orders president to appear at hearing
  15. U.S. Senator Detained by TSA
  16. google+ loosening up on the real names requirement
  17. State of the Union 2012
  18. The cricket
  19. Romney Profited From Mortgage Lenders Foreclosing On Thousands Of Floridians
  20. Live Obama Eligibility Court Hearing for Georgia Ballot
  21. guys I'm scared
  22. Alain de Botton reveals plans for 'temple to atheism' in heart of London
  23. Dublin dole office bans those in pyjamas.
  24. In China, Human Costs Are Built Into an iPad
  25. Modern Monetary Theory - NOT BORING
  26. What Does That Pink Ribbon Stand For?
  27. Afghan Combat Missions Done by End of 2013?
  28. Feed Students Semen = Collect Full $4,000/mth Pension
  29. Want to know why Gina Rinehart is buying out Fairfax?
  30. Admitted: Vaccines Are Used for Human Depopulation
  31. War with Iran
  33. February Caucus
  34. Experimenting with a Basic Income Guarantee
  35. What BYU students know about black people
  36. Dollar to be Devalued 33%
  37. Xenogiannakopoulou resigns
  38. Remember Magic cured AIDS
  39. More scandal for Murdoch's Sun
  40. Dear Australia - Our politicians... are competent?
  41. Renowned cancer study pioneer passes away
  42. Richard Dawkins - New Atheist aka Far Right
  43. Republican Rap "Comedy" at CPAC Convention
  44. Maddow: Proof Ron Paul Was Robbed In Maine.
  45. [The Independant] "WikiLeaks takes aim at an unlikely new victim: Unesco"
  46. Vladimir Putin Arrested; Appears In Court
  47. Man found alive after two months trapped in snow
  48. How Target knows you're pregnant - before your father does
  49. French far right uses halal accusation to get voters
  50. When the past comes back and kicks you in the balls
  51. Dawkins morphs into Pickles
  52. The worst father in the world
  53. Rudd resigns
  54. Maryland State Senate oks Gay Marriage
  55. Creator of Obama 'HOPE' Poster Convicted
  56. Man Arrested, Children Taken Away, Daughter Drew Gun at School
  57. Declaration of War on the United States Government.
  58. Is Santorum trolling us all?
  59. Which of us is wealthy?
  60. Obama: Shoot Barred Owls to Save Spotted Owl
  61. I'm confused with Stratfor
  62. Workfare
  63. Obama BC Investigated for Fraud
  64. Left and Right - Definitions
  65. Obama: Extermination of Blacks
  66. lol LulzSec?
  67. game: Ever See ?
  68. Let's talk about Kony
  69. US-Afghan relations "fray"
  70. Pro-choice and the US right
  71. Obama: Enacted Communism
  72. Catholic Church to pay Taxes :O
  73. Friend travelling from UK to Mongolia
  74. Emergency Call Tapes - Stanford Shooting
  75. Little boy lost: a 25-year odyssey
  76. Cheney has change of heart
  77. State funded sex for the disabled
  78. Obama: Student Loans
  79. Australia: Deadly Shark Attack
  80. Europe's tallest tower burns
  81. Multiple Tornadoes Dallas
  82. Canada is better than USA, just this one time
  83. Aussie and kiwi dollars to merge?
  84. Muslim Brotherhood at White House
  85. Melbourne Football Club dumps sponsor...
  86. Easter Bunny banned in Australia
  87. Do cities have distinctly different personalities?
  88. Mike Wallace is dead
  89. Russia Moves Troops to Iran Border
  90. The right of every man...
  91. Poll: Was Mayor of London right to block Post-Gay Ad?
  92. Global Financial Crisis: A World In Debt
  93. John Edwards considers $950,000 a gift not a campaign contribution
  94. Austrian village "Fucking" to change its name
  95. Drones Across America
  96. What are your teenagers up to on the net?
  97. Canada Turns to Private Health-Care
  98. Australian Mining - This is our (real) story
  99. buy local, think global
  100. Italy Seizes $40+Billion in Gold and Paper
  101. The Australian Labour Party
  102. One of the first bits of Japanese tsunami debris to wash ashore in the US
  103. Someone explain Europe to me
  104. "We don't have that sort of power"
  105. Egypt : Farewell Intercourse
  106. 1972 Olympics
  107. F-22 Squadrons Moved to Iran
  108. Live Feed: NYC Mass Arrests
  109. Cops Drugging Protesters
  110. Navy slap on the wrist
  111. Publicity stunt?
  112. Male Banned For Being Better than Females
  113. Canada Still Exporting Asbestos
  114. "Let's sacrifice a rich guy"
  115. Deja vu.....it's 2008 again!
  116. Egypt has its first presidential debate
  117. Female Banned for Being Female
  118. First Gay President
  119. Sowell: Censored Race War
  120. If Obama had a son, he would look just like these killers.
  121. Autopsy: Trayvon Martin Had Drugs in System
  122. Alan Dershowitz: Drop Zimmerman’s murder charge
  123. I know what my family is worth
  124. Teacher: Illegal to Disrespect Obama
  125. Grope Fees Doubled
  126. 9/10/2001: Rumsfeld says $2.3 TRILLION Missing
  127. No one asked America to protect the world
  128. Strange 1942 World Map
  129. The Dark Knight Rises is a metaphor for the 2012 US Presidential election.
  130. Retrospective action on rape-in-marriage
  131. The Egg within the Egg: Eggception
  132. Soda Jerks
  133. Tibetan Self-Immolations
  134. Corporate priorities
  135. Toronto: Panicked shoppers flee as gunman opens fire in crowded food court
  136. Australians against the Carbon Tax
  137. A Cry In The Dark - Finally Heard
  138. Aircraft safety
  139. Keep the internet free.
  140. 8,733,461: Workers on Federal 'Disability'
  141. Family slugged with 'carbon tax fee' for funeral
  142. Obamacare: 83 percent of doctors have considered quitting
  143. Russia: Warships to Tartus
  144. Emaciated hiker found alive after a month in Utah desert
  145. Hyperinflation Warning
  146. Mass Shooting at midnight viewing of The Dark Knight Rises in Denver
  147. Syrian rebels say fight for Aleppo has begun - AP
  148. China Gold Scam Could Translate Into Higher Demand
  149. Official MR Olympic thread - aka London's Burning
  150. It only needs to strike once
  151. olympic crowing and crying.
  152. WTF New Zealand
  153. In addition to Text from Dog, I also love First Dog On The Moon...
  154. Fantasy Premier League
  155. Neil Armstrong is dead.
  156. Lion sighting in Essex
  157. Fishing...
  158. Europhoria
  159. What? Too Soon?
  160. Long overdue apology
  161. Essex Drop-Python
  162. forget drop bears. holy shit tornadoes of fire
  163. This... this... ANIMAL! is running for mayor here!
  164. Sticky Fingers
  165. all serbians are racist
  166. Cardiff Hit and Run/Hits and Runs?
  167. Australia - national inquiry into church abuse
  168. WTF?! Ratzinger quits as Fisherman.
  169. Ping Pong
  170. Zombie Warning in Michigan
  171. Essex girl
  172. David Cameron
  173. Stuck, and it aint so bad
  174. 76 Year Old Skateboarder
  175. Homophobia on the Internet
  176. PastaGate
  177. Bedroom Tax - UK
  178. CALLOUT: Aussies!
  179. Mr. Smith Rand Paul Goes To Washington
  181. Guantanamo Hunger Strike
  182. Obama: Tax Increases 1,058.3 Billion
  183. Video: Gun Wins the Day
  184. Pontiff a Military Junta Collaborator?
  185. Margaret Thatcher RIP
  186. Deported for being too
  187. Anzac Day Dawn Service
  188. "One point! One demand! Atheists must be hanged"
  189. My Team
  190. Top places to visit in a lifetime .. No armed children please
  191. The Australian voter votes against their own interests
  192. Australia is probably going to be real happy to have the USA as a friend soon
  193. Has the US changed in the last few years?
  194. A Good Article About Inappropriate Sports Team Names
  195. Is Saudi Arabia About to Go Mad?
  196. US -TSA Air Marshal fired for taking upskirt photos...
  197. Locking up Pregnant Women to Save Their Babies
  198. US Spying on the Pope Too! Is nothing sacred?
  199. China publishes nuclear strike capability
  200. US Prez Election, 2016 - Who Will It Be?
  201. Five Body Language Faux Paxs that could be hurting your career.
  202. Is the Obama Administration Open and Transparent?
  203. Workplace Health and Safety
  204. Justice in the news.
  205. French restaurants seating based on looks.
  206. Crazy French Coming to Horrible US for Healthcare
  207. Culture
  208. Obama Administration's Largely Ignored Failures?
  209. MTV censors Miley Cyrus smoking joint during Euro Music Awards
  210. The US Economy, Thanksgiving and Walmart
  211. Obama Administration Faked Unemployment Numbers?
  212. Repeal Obamacare in the US?
  213. Both Israel and Saudi Arabia Unhappy over Iran Deal
  214. Egypt Bans Protests Without Prior Police Approval
  215. EU Ban on Canadian Seal Products
  216. Fast Food Worker Strikes
  217. Vale Mandela
  218. World Cup, 2014
  219. Baker May Not Discriminate Against Homosexuals (Court Ruling)
  220. Surgery Ship
  221. December 15 -- Merry Hitchmas
  222. Intersectionality,or the anti-intellectual tendencies of the Left
  223. Can the Castros just die already?
  224. Make Horse Drawn Carriages Illegal!
  225. FoxNews racists mock Romney family for adopting black child.
  226. Philip Seymour Hoffman has died. :(
  227. Heartless inhumane detritus ...
  228. News is not all bad ...
  229. I think I am a 'Statist'
  230. Voluntaryism
  231. Great Moments In Sport thread
  232. “He’s charging us. He’s at our bedroom door.”
  233. Because Leunig ...
  234. Obligatory World Cup Thread
  235. So, the 2014-15 Australian budget
  236. "Haha, you're such a cunt."
  237. jesus would upturn the tables and chase them from the building ...
  238. Ye Gods
  239. Oppressed Majority
  240. Q&A
  241. 'Honour killings' speech prompts boycott of Festival of Dangerous Ideas
  242. Palmer Gores Abbott
  243. High Court has to step in
  244. Head Games
  245. Commonwealth Games Thread
  246. Sports: Donga Sticks
  247. Tories to introduce benefits cards
  248. UFO at Kong Kong protest
  249. The Cutest Politick Ever