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  1. Personal Works: Visual Art Thread
  2. Clementines
  3. My Wife’s Big Birthday Surprise
  4. oh how I hate editing posts so why not do it with me now
  5. Camp Nanowrimo
  6. painters of mystery....
  7. 俳句
  8. How to Draw This, Please
  9. Standing on the corner of Dolphin Street and Kingmingya Road
  10. What is it? Where is it?
  11. Northern Travel
  12. Glasgow School of Art fire
  13. surrealism and war
  14. Restored 17th century Dutch painting: conservation work reveals what those people are looking at
  15. I found a Boobook.
  16. Stand Still, Stay Silent
  17. Your brain knows what it's doing so get out of its way ...
  18. still life, but don't be too strict
  19. gib
  20. nostrum
  21. 3D painting
  22. Gardening and growing
  23. Silo Art
  24. Artwork and being an Armchair Architect
  25. Art.. why is it so expensive?
  26. Words, slang, phrases you hate
  27. Mist Arch
  28. Bone Spell