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Conversation Between divagreen and nostrum
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  1. nostrum
    22nd May 2014 04:00 AM
    ah so I'd be a hydra in the game here, but not the massive MR hydra? (sorry brain is mush at the mome) If so, yes! If you mean he's running a game at MS, then I'd be happy to do that too
  2. divagreen
    22nd May 2014 03:58 AM
    majiffy's game or did you want in on the mr hydra
  3. nostrum
    22nd May 2014 03:57 AM
    Hi, yes, would love to hydra. No idea what game/site you're talking about, but sure
  4. nostrum
    16th May 2014 01:48 AM
    I'd love to! Make it happen!
  5. nostrum
    7th June 2012 12:56 PM
    I am choosing to believe that a sneaky smuggidity smug smug little snickerdoodle is a nice thing to be called...
  6. divagreen
    6th June 2012 01:17 PM
    I am cheering on any team that kills you or lynches you for the next five million games you sneaky smuggidity smug smug little snickerdoodle.
  7. nostrum
    6th June 2012 11:44 AM
  8. nostrum
    29th January 2012 06:24 AM

    (there's always a price for being scum... always!)
  9. divagreen
    29th January 2012 04:21 AM
  10. nostrum
    29th January 2012 04:18 AM
    your new av is sooo much better! I can tell you and feck apart now

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