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Conversation Between borealis and gib
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  1. borealis
    5th October 2018 01:45 AM
    I'm glad you liked Luther - there's another season of Luther coming up soon on Netflix Canada, 5? I think. Yes, Alice is a great character and Idris Elba is perfect in the part.

    Am recalling more of Line of Duty, we'll definitely watch more.
  2. gib
    5th October 2018 12:02 AM
    watched all the Luthers, loved it. Knowingly did all the cop cliches really well. Was at its best when they had Alice as a Moriarty with a helpful twist.

    Line of Duty is similar but better in a way. In Luther, when Luther is under suspicion of being dirty, everyone immediately assumes he is guilty and a similar thing happens with other wrongfully accused suspects. In Line of Duty there is always at least one frustrated town player who's not so convinced and wants to explore a bit. Or sometimes they just seem really town...
  3. gib
    30th September 2018 12:25 PM
    never seen Luther, might try that next
  4. borealis
    30th September 2018 01:23 AM
    I'll keep an eye out for it.

    Mr.b has developed a strong taste for British detective series over the past several years. It's unexpected. We loved Luther.
  5. gib
    30th September 2018 01:17 AM
    killing eve is good fun
  6. borealis
    30th September 2018 01:15 AM
    Maybe Netflix will put up more seasons.

    I think they'd just killed Cotton where we left off.

    Also we watched some other Brit show with an alcoholic ex gardia(sp?) played by the actor who plays the lovestruck traitor soldier on Game of Thrones. Would like to catch up on that one, if only because I like his coat.
  7. gib
    30th September 2018 01:05 AM
    he grew on me
  8. borealis
    30th September 2018 12:38 AM
    Couldn't sleep last night. During toss and turn remembered I already watched a couple seasons of LoD a while back. Young lead guy Arnott is borderline creepy.
  9. gib
    14th September 2017 10:19 AM
    yeah sorry, i actually remembered it
  10. borealis
    14th September 2017 12:22 AM
    Guessing someone else helped you?

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