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Conversation Between borealis and Imp
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  1. borealis
    9th January 2018 02:31 AM
    Hahaha! I tried several variations on cute bear, soft plush bear, little squirrel and I don't even remember what the last attempt was. I suspected google translate was not coping well.
  2. borealis
    22nd April 2017 01:06 PM
    There might be a couple places like that, not around here though. I have a dim recollection of reading about one in Ontario maybe.
  3. Imp
    30th March 2017 07:42 PM
    Yeah, it's pretty short sighted. Some companies do offer occupational sick pay schemes that have different terms but most seem to opt for legal minimum to 'save costs'.
  4. borealis
    30th March 2017 07:11 PM
    4 days? Even the worst places I worked included an annual number of paid sick days. No one wants someone with e.g. norovirus, which lasts about two days, coming into work and infecting the entire workforce because they don't get sick leave.
  5. borealis
    20th March 2017 06:20 PM
    I will never surrender.
  6. borealis
    17th March 2017 02:22 AM
    Hm. On the one hand - bowl of pasta.
    On the other hand - possibly Shelob with some very powerful computers.
  7. borealis
    19th February 2017 12:48 AM
    Some people are just arseholes. Poor cat just needed some peace and TLC, I'm glad you got him. No wonder he's camera shy. Should have named him Garbo (I want to be alone).
  8. Imp
    19th February 2017 12:22 AM
    I've probably mentioned this somewhere but I didn't subject him to the show cat biz. He's a rescue. Previous owners gave him up when he started losing his hair over stress and allergies. Guess he wasn't good enough for the stage anymore and they couldn't be bothered dealing with it.
  9. Imp
    19th February 2017 12:20 AM
    Don't know but I can count on him walking off in disgust if I get the camera out. You'd think he'd be used to it.
  10. borealis
    19th February 2017 12:17 AM
    Mine's just a domestic random kitty.

    yeah what is that camera shy thing? Mine refuses to look at me when I have the camera out.

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