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Conversation Between Bolero and charlou
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  1. charlou
    6th March 2012 11:55 AM
    If the hyperbole and fearful talk as demostrated by worldswhatsisname are an example of what you're being subjected to, I feel for you and hope it doesn't get you down.

    Although I've seen it all before, having come to this point (MR), I find heirarchical forums totally unappealing, and some are just intolerable. Would really like to see MindRomp kick on a bit .. It was a pretty good start, but just ticking over atm.

    On a mafia note .. I'm very busy and distracted with irl stuff atm but if the signups are still open when things settle down, I'll be in.
  2. Bolero
    6th March 2012 05:47 AM
    Thanks Elouise...still feeling shaken up....fucking harassed until after midnight last night over there with PMs ... just insane.

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