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User Name Join Date Posts Last Visit Reverse Sort Order Avatar BiographylocationInterestsOccupation
Senior Member
17th November 2014 614 Today felltoearth's Avatar  Toronto, CanadaElectronic Music, Drawing, techLandscape Architect
I'll have you know I'm popular on many web forums
16th April 2014 25,449 Today Majiffy's Avatar Recording Engineer, Musician, ProducerBuffalo, NYMafiaSee Bio
Stable Genius
13th January 2012 4,306 Today Facetious's Avatar  it's grim up north  
Get Higher Faster
1st March 2012 6,077 Today SR71's Avatar Agri/Mil/ElectroTech Unit, Biological, Multi-RoleWith the TechnikerToy Airplanes, Prank Calls, StalkingThe way things break
Networking Nut
24th May 2016 445 Today ffejrxx's Avatar  MinnesotaCars, Rc, Computers 
13th January 2012 38,831 Today borealis's Avatar  Canada  
Needs essential amino acids
21st December 2011 10,802 Today Adenosine's Avatar How many is a few? I don't know how many a few is.AustraliaSCIENCE! And macrame.Pfft.
Brother Daniel
unbowed before the chaos
23rd January 2012 4,579 Today Brother Daniel's Avatar raised in a blackberry patcha peninsula in the North Atlanticarguing about shit I know nothing aboutif I told you I'd have to kill you
Send Cash or Drugs
22nd August 2014 10,080 Today Zeluvia's Avatar  Evil Duckess  
21st December 2011 11,339 Today oblivion's Avatar  Norton's Empirestuffcause trouble
Unregistered member
21st December 2011 3,337 Today Cunt's Avatar Tall, dark and average.Circum-polar regionRunning, photography and barenaked ladiesseeker
Prince Humperdinck
Join Date: Aug 2015
13th August 2015 3,925 Today Prince Humperdinck's Avatar  'Murica  
rose tints my world and keeps me safe
19th January 2012 2,510 Today longhair75's Avatar     
Giant Member
1st June 2012 3,096 Today MondoVman's Avatar Retired rock climberSouthwest AtlanticaClimbing magazineSoftware Analyst
mild mannered janitor
11th January 2012 24,483 Yesterday gib's Avatar more estimable than anyone with power and goldthe thin one out of Laurel & Hardyaquaticlocal merchant
corridors, refectories and files
11th January 2012 6,740 Yesterday Mantisdreamz's Avatar     
Some may never live, but the crazy never die.
12th January 2012 6,079 23rd September 2018 Gonzo's Avatar I used to doubt it, but now I believe it. - http://commonforecast.boards.netSavage American Englishreading, writing, drawing, recording music, making comic booksInterviewer, mainly healthcare/ politics/ marketing related - Studied Literature/ Painting
Equi-Feminist Extraordinaire
22nd July 2016 7,965 23rd September 2018 rachmarie's Avatar Raised in a small town in the Central Valley of California, I was a pioneer in mainstreaming.Buffalo, NYReading, Writing, Learning, Teaching, Psychology, History.Ghostwriter, coach in personal development and mindset
Junior Member
27th May 2018 1 20th September 2018 sparklng's Avatar     
Junior Member
12th June 2013 0 20th September 2018       
'Easy dog to kick the dachshund' - Gib.
5th July 2013 2,372 20th September 2018 odd's Avatar     
Senior Member
9th June 2015 287 16th September 2018 TestyCalibrate's Avatar     
22nd December 2011 13,085 14th September 2018 Magicziggy's Avatar  Loadsamoney  
Senior Member
26th January 2012 171 12th September 2018 3string's Avatar     
kitchen sink garbage disposal
13th October 2014 10,016 25th August 2018 Carlsson's Avatar  Sweden  
I, 'Splain
31st December 2014 42 23rd August 2018 'SplainBot's Avatar I am 'splainbot. I 'splain thingsin the cloud'splainin'informing the uninformed
Junior Member
11th August 2018 0 11th August 2018       
Senior Member
8th May 2018 231 6th August 2018 sparking's Avatar     
Junior Member
27th July 2018 1 28th July 2018       
Innocent bystander
21st December 2011 2,229 27th July 2018 Hermit's Avatar     
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