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User Name Reverse Sort Order Join Date Posts Last Visit Avatar BiographylocationInterestsOccupation
Junior Member
14th July 2015 0 14th July 2015    Unit 3 / 45 Acheron Drive,Christchurch, New ZealandBusinessBusiness
Senior Member
19th January 2012 105 N/A Gallstones's Avatar     
Senior Member
13th February 2012 127 21st March 2013 gallstones2's Avatar old and greyin front of the computerSex, Sex and more Sex 
Junior Member
1st May 2012 7 N/A       
121.92 meter firebreathing mutant
13th January 2012 149 25th January 2012 Gawdzilla's Avatar     
30th April 2017 2 30th April 2017 geb's Avatar  Syncerus caffer, NY in Summer 2017  
The ghost in the machine
13th January 2012 1 25th January 2012       
Senior Member
24th April 2013 155 7th February 2014 George's Avatar  BathPhotography, Sculpture, and making stuffArtist
Gerry Mander
Junior Member
23rd February 2018 0 23rd February 2018       
Tam?m Shud
11th January 2012 25,688 9th September 2021 gib's Avatar more estimable than anyone with power and goldJilted Johnaquaticlocal merchant
Ginny Klöppers
25th June 2015 45 16th August 2017 Ginny Klöppers's Avatar     
gish gobbler
Junior Member
23rd October 2015 5 N/A gish gobbler's Avatar     
Give More Movement
Junior Member
11th May 2015 0 11th May 2015   A negative mind will never give you a positive life. Spread Love, happiness & positivity.   
Gnivlove Pilb
Senior Member
10th June 2015 359 7th October 2015 Gnivlove Pilb's Avatar     
Town Member
10th June 2015 229 22nd February 2016 godd's Avatar  HeavenOmnipotence related activitiescurrently working in Mysterious Ways
Godless Infidel
Secular Inquisitor
2nd September 2012 703 21st March 2021 Godless Infidel's Avatar  Canada  
Some may never live, but the crazy never die.
12th January 2012 6,138 10th November 2021 Gonzo's Avatar I used to doubt it, but now I believe it.Savage American Englishreading, writing, drawing, recording music, making comic booksInterviewer
user friendly
27th January 2012 1 27th January 2012 Google[Bot]'s Avatar     
Junior Member
13th August 2015 11 23rd August 2015 Grandfather's Avatar     
13th August 2015 45 28th December 2015 Grandson's Avatar     
Granpa Calvinist
tiptoeing through TULIPs
13th August 2014 70 13th November 2020 Granpa Calvinist's Avatar I'm a CalvinistGod's countryloving folk, Calvinising, tiptoeing, praising GodTo glorify God and enjoy Him forever
Junior Member
16th December 2012 0 16th December 2012       
Shitmix Galore
15th January 2012 863 9th January 2013 Grumps's Avatar     
Junior Member
3rd February 2012 1 20th February 2012       
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