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Catavenger 12th January 2021 12:35 PM

No Sandwich for you!
This sounds pretty petty:

Dutch officials are seizing ham sandwiches from drivers arriving into the country from the UK due to post-Brexit rules banning the import of meat and dairy products into the EU.


One of the startled drivers is shown asking if he can at least take the bread after the ham has been seized, to which a customs official replies: "No, everything will be confiscated. Welcome to Brexit, sir. I'm sorry."

Guidance from the Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs states: "From 1 January 2021 you will not be able to bring POAO (products of an animal origin) such as those containing meat or dairy (e.g. a ham and cheese sandwich) into the EU."

MondoVman 12th January 2021 07:22 PM

This is a thread I can behind (wink, wink). I love pork butt (probably; don't
know what form(s) pig butt appears at the grocery, but pretty sure it's grand!

OTOH, I've wondering lately whether fat chicks live longer than thin ones,
cuz some days all I see are fat chicks at the grocery. Discuss. (heh)

More later. My noon commitment calls.


Prince Humperdinck 12th January 2021 10:23 PM

Pork Butt is the shoulder. :ohmy:

MondoVman 13th January 2021 09:41 AM


Originally Posted by Prince Humperdinck (Post 464910)
Pork Butt is the shoulder. :ohmy:

Correct, though not sane, as a butt should be just that, a butt,
and is what I thought I was figuratively craving.

Have now learned the term Pork Butt is the shoulder,
and most often the source of pulled pork, a sandwich I recently enjoyed.

And ... the pig's butt (glutes) is called the Leg, which I would hope/think
becomes the common ham on a bone such as the one I partook of
at the Christmas day pot luck 47 miles south of me. Tried hitting on
a gal named Candy, who wanted no part of my seasonal offering.

Cunt 17th January 2021 05:47 AM


Originally Posted by MondoVman (Post 464927)
Tried hitting on
a gal named Candy, who wanted no part of my seasonal offering.

That's the most beautiful thing I've read here today :)

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