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Gonzo 1st December 2017 07:38 PM

Elder Scrolls Mafia [pre sign-up ?]
I think Elder Scrolls would be a fascinating theme for a set-up. I miss you people anyway. Interest? Perhaps in January?

borealis 1st December 2017 07:52 PM

Probably in, Gonzo. :)

OmicronPersei8 1st December 2017 08:14 PM


rachmarie 2nd December 2017 04:43 AM

as long as it is after Raven's game count me in.

Majiffy 3rd December 2017 12:34 PM


Imp 3rd December 2017 01:25 PM

I don't think I have a spare month to figure out the rules

borealis 3rd December 2017 06:06 PM

oh gawd I had mercifully forgotten that game.


Majiffy 4th December 2017 05:07 PM

Nightless mountainous with death millers Gonzo

You know you want to :awesome:

rachmarie 4th December 2017 09:13 PM

Jiffy :thwack:

Majiffy 5th December 2017 03:29 AM

Whaaat? :smug:

rachmarie 5th December 2017 05:16 AM

You know what :toetap:

OmicronPersei8 13th December 2017 09:53 PM


nostrum 13th December 2017 10:09 PM


rachmarie 13th December 2017 10:27 PM

You know what kind of clusterfuck a game with nightless mountainous with death millers would be?


Imp 13th December 2017 10:35 PM


Majiffy 13th December 2017 10:52 PM


nostrum 13th December 2017 10:56 PM

should 'splainbot be smaller? this is important

MSG 14th December 2017 12:36 AM


nostrum 14th December 2017 12:37 AM

I think I need a poll

MSG 14th December 2017 12:39 AM


nostrum 14th December 2017 01:15 AM

it's not the poll we want, but

Majiffy 14th December 2017 03:00 PM


Originally Posted by nostrum (Post 415426)
should 'splainbot be smaller? this is important

Absolutely not

Gonzo 30th December 2017 01:26 PM

I still want to do this; though I admit I haven't put much time into the concept yet. Still got tabs open on my browser(s) for research/ inspiration purposes. Official sign-up will hopefully be up in like 2-3 weeks. I do have plans to seek a second place of employment in January, though, so hopefully if I actually pursue that and succeed it won't be too much to handle hosting a game, but I'll likely make time regardless.

Imp 31st December 2017 10:38 PM

I'll have time w/c 22nd unless I need an excuse in game in which case ignore this post.

charlou 5th January 2018 10:19 AM

in :wave:

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