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Good morning all!

This is where I think we stand right now:
nostrum claims cop and says borealis is town
Mantis claims cop and clears majiffy
borealis has not claimed
Zeluvia has claimed vanilla town
Majiffy has not claimed
I have claimed vanilla town

Mitigating factor: OP8 flipped Paranoid Town Cop

Lets examine the possibilities. 3 cops in a 13 player game sounds like it would unbalance the game. What if one, or both, of the current cop claims are fake? The beneficiary of the fake cop certainly would keep quiet and accept the fact that the rest of the players assume that they are clear. Under this concept, is anyone really cleared?

As it stands right now, Majiffy will be lynched by Zeluvia's half vote advantage. Mantis has not voted. and could decide between me and Majiffy. Majiffy could save himself by moving his vote from Zeluvia to me. I could save myself by moving my vote to Majiffy, but I have chosen my path. I have been LHF throughout this game. If my lynch will clear the path for Town, I am satisfied.
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