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Originally Posted by borealis View Post
Today i saw a salamander, one of these guys:


I haven't seen one in a lot of years, they're really good at staying out of sight, under ground, under leaves, under water. This one was on the edge of my neighbour's little pond at their cottage. The pond was meant by a previous owner to be decorative, but nature has taken it over and there's only one spot you can even get close to the edge of it now.

These animals are SO NEAT!!!

They can lose all kinds of bits of themselves and grow them back. They can live to be over thirty years old. They all go back to their pools to mate in one single night! Their eggs can do a symbiosis thing with algae to get more oxygen.

Their skin (I didn't touch this one, but I've touched them as a kid) is the weirdest feeling integument I've ever touched. It looks shiny and wet but is dry and almost tacky.

This guy (or girl) was on the small side, I've seen bigger ones.

made my day.
How do you sex a salamander?
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