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Read my posts with the following stupid accent: Canada
I think you're safe, no mr posters are farmers.

We used to have bitter old fishermen like this. They would harass or kill seals and cormorants because they believed they were responsible for the near extinction of codfish in Canadian waters.

Turns out it was the bitter old fishermen and the foreign factory ships that were responsible.

We have more seals (over 7 million by recent counts - they have no predators but humans) than any planet needs and the codfish are making a recovery now after a few decades of not being fished to extinction levels.

Though the seals are pretty mean - they like cod livers, and are prone to just biting out the liver containing bit of the fish. There are lots of other sea critters willing to eat the rest of the fish, so all good except for the bitten fish.

And because I can't help myself, more seal talk - they are endangered by climate change. Sea ice they normally birth their pups on is breaking up before the little ones can swim, so they drown or drift away on small floes and starve. Lately, more seals are whelping on shore, which exposes them to other dangers.
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