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Originally Posted by nostrum View Post
I watched Angry Inuk the other night. Very interesting. Have you seen it?

what language do they speak, Krebopples asked me. I said 'Inuit' is that wrong?
For the language, a better word is Inuktitut.

From wikipedia:
In Canada, the word Inuktitut is routinely used to refer to all Canadian variants of the Inuit traditional language, and it is under that name that it is recognised as one of the official languages of Nunavut and the Northwest Territories. However, one of the variants of western Nunavut is called Inuinnaqtun to distinguish itself from the dialects of eastern Canada, while the variants of the Northwest Territories are sometimes called Inuvialuktun and have in the past sometimes been called Inuktun. In those dialects, the name is sometimes rendered as Inuktitun to reflect dialectal differences in pronunciation. The Inuit language of Quebec is called Inuttitut by its speakers, and often by other people, but this is a minor variation in pronunciation. In Labrador, the language is called Inuttut or, often in official documents, by the more descriptive name Labradorimiutut. Furthermore, Canadians both Inuit and non-Inuit sometimes use the word Inuktitut to refer to all Inuit language variants, including those of Alaska and Greenland.
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