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Read my posts with the following stupid accent: Canada
My dad grew up on a farm, but didn't like farming (ok he hated it) and never went back to farming once he left home. He also didn't hunt, carried insects and spiders out of the house live, punched a man to make him stop beating his horse, and liked to show us wild things, much like your dad, MSG.

He did kill a bunch of cats once, but I think he had nightmares about it the rest of his life. My grandmother had let the barn cats, long after there was no farming and she lived alone, get well out of hand. She was feeding 30+ outdoor cats far too little food, many of them diseased, freezing in winter from inadequate shelter, completely feral. The family decided they had to be got rid of and Dad was volunteered to do the job,

First he borrowed his brother's gun, and shot one. It must not have gone well, he gave the gun back immediately.

Then he developed a Plan. He took our old cargo trailer, a small wooden affair, made it as airtight as he could, hooked up a pipe to the car exhaust, and set about catching cats. He managed to collect 17. I can't even imagine, and certainly wasn't allowed to watch (or wanted to).

Then he buried them and came home and never spoke of it again.

The rest of the cats died or left over the next several months. They must have known.
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