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Originally Posted by spruce View Post
I'm on yet another site now where I just learned the English pronouns are no good. I have to use "they".

If I can so easily lose my flag, have the rainbow so overrun with fresh symbolism it's taken out of use on Christian sites, and have now lost prayer from public school, the 10 Commandments from government buildings, and little baby Jesus from right out of the manger celebrating a holiday I don't even celebrate, all while still having "God" and dead presidents both on my money, why can't the self-described gender folk straighten out (no pun intended) the English language? That should have been done going in. "Gay" was semantically shifted easily enough.

Sucks when shit just won't stop changing.

I am against the Zi Zim campaign.
"i" is biased toward the patriarchy.

Xe, Xem, Xyr get my vote!

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