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Read my posts with the following stupid accent: Australia
This is libertarianism in a nutshell.

They don't understand that we have gotten to this point in history by cooperating. They think these societal systems sprung into existence overnight. They look around at their small world and think, "I deserve this magical land I live in, and the fact that I was born into it is proof that I deserve it."

And thinking that, they then attempt to close the door to others. They decide that those not born into *their* circumstances are less deserving. After all, if they deserved it, they would have been born into it.

But those libertarians refuse to see that a slight accident a few generations back would have rendered their current situations non-existant. An ancestor not moving to the state they live in. An ancestor who didn't have a bit of luck in business, or was forced out by a bigger bastard.

We got to where we are by cooperating. We didn't cut the old from the tribe because we understood that they were people. We helped the sick. We educated everyone.

If people like Jerome had their way we'd have debtor's prisons and work houses.

But he tries to call me selfish.

I have paid more in tax than I have received. I know this because the Australian government helpfully sends a graph showing where our taxes are going every year. I have also done more for my country, and the international community than you.

I am definitely not the selfish one. I am the one who gives.
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