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Read my posts with the following stupid accent: Circum-polar region
Originally Posted by Adenosine View Post
Funnily enough I do both, you gigantic douchecanoe.

This is what I'm saying about you knowing nothing about what I do, have done, or will do.

Honestly Cunt, just leave already. You're like a stale fart polluting the atmosphere here.
Your the one who can't have real discussion. I don't feel upset by your ignorant ramblings, as no idea can threaten me.

Look how you wriggled bravely away from the last discussion. Cowardice looks like a good fit for someone with an avatar like yours.
Shit, Piss, Cock, Cunt, Motherfucker, Cocksucker and Tits.
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zel, would you consider not enabling the shitting up of our forum by engaging in these conversations?

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