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This is where we are now Mindrompers:

Originally Posted by ffejrxx View Post
on the road near my house is a location named amore
frozen invader with insane flames
who exits after the love and passion are freed
you remain alone, voided in solitude

90s euro rock
not super popular in au
Is the band not popular in Australia? Is it racist thing, cause you know how Australians are...
Was it actually popular anywhere? See Majiffy's last one
Is the frozen invader a dragon? Are dragons involved anywhere?
Are you counting Britian (Scotland, Ireland, Wales, ect) as Europe?
What about Russia? The Crimea? Estonia? Finland?
Are you counting Euro silly shit like techno, house, ect as rock?
Do you think Abba is rock?
As far as I can tell, Europe forgot how to rock in the 90's...

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