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Originally Posted by Cunt View Post
Originally Posted by Zeluvia View Post
And see rule 2 my parents taught me.

2. Keep your opinion to yourself.
When I am comfortable, I take mine out for exercise.

It's the only way the thing gets any real use, for me.

I could pretend I don't have one, or that it doesn't bias me, but I'm not interested in ignoring reality on that level (though I do understand the utility of such exercises)
And I can see that problem ONLY if you are using the new communication skills that limit discourse to x number of characters.

Sorry, I mean, what?
And anyone that forms an opinion based on some else's quote mining without researching the original context of the quote is an idiot just making noise.
That happens a lot. With humans, anyway.

You might check to see what your opinion is, but to pretend that we don't take our cues from others is to deny human research and experience.

For instance, how many people reasonably hate Trump, vs how many do so because of a (now debunked) conspiracy theory pumped hard by many media organizations?

There may be good reason to hate him, but I'm asking if you can see that some were led, and very deliberately.

Babies look to their adults to learn how to react to new situations. I'm given to understand this is true even with young adult soldiers, when they experience their first firefigh

We ALL take our cues this way. Knowing how it affects me is MUCH more valuable than denying it exists, or pretending that 'good people don't' do that sort of thing.

That has been my point all along, glad you finally got there. You can't take cue's from something you are ignoring. You can't be led if you are working on keeping an open mind, by deferring forming an opinion until you feel you are adequately INFORMED of FACTS.

But you forget the effect of confirmation bias. Those that are most likely to be "led" as you said already had a bias. They formed an opinion, and then absorbed information that supported that opinion.

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