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Originally Posted by Zeluvia View Post
But you forget the effect of confirmation bias. Those that are most likely to be "led" as you said already had a bias. They formed an opinion, and then absorbed information that supported that opinion.
Oh, I don't forget it. I may not catch it every time, but I sure find it easier to see in others.

The best thing about the Q conspiracy theory, is that everyone being suspicious of the source, or the quality of the information, or whether it might be disinformation, rather than just misinformation...all that should apply to the trusted news sources as well.

Those trusted sources have been shown to be WAY stupider than they actually are, of late, but I think it's a good preparation for what is coming.

Video evidence will soon be useless. The fact that someone is in a video, saying and doing things, can be created pretty much from nothing.

This will bring that large trust in media back to where it belongs, in my opinion, but it promises to be a bit disruptive.
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zel, would you consider not enabling the shitting up of our forum by engaging in these conversations?

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