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Originally Posted by Cunt View Post
Originally Posted by Zeluvia View Post

So, while I could take either side, that isn't a good example of something I have a bias on, because my bias is against the current institution of marriage, and I don't care who is married to what.
Sorry, not about your bias, but about the fact that by taking one side of this argument (whatever your beliefs) you could be mis-quoted as standing against a position you may not be against.

I was trying to describe how hard it is to publicly be respectful of opposing positions, without being accused of having that position.
Perhaps I read both you and Zel too literally.

1. Re taking a position you don't agree with:
a. "while I could take either side" - Zel
b. "but about the fact that by taking one side of this argument (whatever your beliefs)" - Cunt
- Both of you seem to claim/imply no loss of integrity or clarity in taking a
side you don't agree with. I believe "taking either side" shows a lack of
integrity or simple gamesmanship for funzies, not actual discussion. We all
like fun. I don't take a side I don't wholly agree with in a discussion.

2. "you could be mis-quoted". Huh? The person being mis-quoted bears
exactly zero responsibility for the words/behavior of others

3. "standing against a position you may not be against". Again, a true
adult would clearly state what their position is, unless of course they
insist on living a real-life game of mafia-style communication, i.e. lying.
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