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Originally Posted by MondoVman View Post
Perhaps I read both you and Zel too literally.
Probably, but you might be doing some subtle form of comedy to help me underline my point.

1. Re taking a position you don't agree with:
a. "while I could take either side" - Zel
b. "but about the fact that by taking one side of this argument (whatever your beliefs)" - Cunt
- Both of you seem to claim/imply no loss of integrity or clarity in taking a
side you don't agree with. I believe "taking either side" shows a lack of
integrity or simple gamesmanship for funzies, not actual discussion. We all
like fun. I don't take a side I don't wholly agree with in a discussion.
What I meant, is that if one were to practice a debate, without knowing which side they had to argue for, they would be pilloried by folks who thought that quote (or mis-quote) described the whole person.

3. "standing against a position you may not be against". Again, a true
adult would clearly state what their position is, unless of course they
insist on living a real-life game of mafia-style communication, i.e. lying.
You are a liar.

So am I, and anyone else here who is not a 'bot'. It's unavoidable, given the broad definitions used.

So dispensing with that, if you can't state my position, to my satisfaction, how can I be sure you understand me?

If you DO state my position, to communicate your clear understanding of it, someone could 'Mondo' you (i.e. - come along taking you literally in cases where you didn't mean to be taken literally)
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Originally Posted by MSG View Post
zel, would you consider not enabling the shitting up of our forum by engaging in these conversations?

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