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Read my posts with the following stupid accent: Southwest Atlantica
No comedy intended in previous posts nor this one.

I suppose I failed overall and perhaps even in details. Oh well.

1) When I argue/discuss/debate a position I hold, I strive
to convey my meaning based on what I know, or think fact or
most probable.

2) Were I to a/d/d a position I do not hold, I'd be pretending what
it would be like to hold that position and therefore every word I uttered
would be imagined bullshit and be based on bullshit.
For instance, arguing against abortion were I for it. Arguing against
capital punishment (putting a convicted murderer to death) were I
for it. Bullshitting is never the same as one's truth.

And no, the earth ain't flat <--- My joking exit.

Could someone edit this post to add a tl;dr for Imp, our resident emotional cripple.
Thanks in advance.
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