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Originally Posted by nostrum View Post
Hi guys, lynch me as long as you bring home the bacon in the end.

One of the scum must be fuzzy. I have NFI why people are clearing gib. Borealis thinking gib town /= gib being town. She thought I was scum (and she'll be proved wrong on that).

##vote fuzzy##

Spruce is looking right weird today. Me and rhys as scum?? How does that work, how does he clear gib? How does he clear fuzzy? I think a scum has just outed himself.

Fuzzy, spruce, gib. I guess LH a possibility; I have played at most a couple of games with him and I don't remember if I've seen him as scum. His stand-off with borealis was v ballsy.

Jerome, aden and rhys, I await your thoughts.
Aden is dead, nosty. I sure hope that means you're Town. I want to believe you are Town soooo bad. But your better half is screaming "NOOOOOO!" from the grave. And the bacon thing.... very clever.... very clever your dangling bacon in my eyes.
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