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Mondo, I am not going to watch Scott Adams. I don't need to watch someone else explain something to me I can see with my own eyes. It's the same reason I am not going to read Wolfe's book. I don't need to play around in echo chambers. In fact I avoid them on purpose.

Now about white supremacists. I sure have known a lot of them. Maybe I hang out with the wrong people, but I avoid them at all costs and STILL know a lot of them.

I was a little kid when the KKK burned a cross in our front yard in Alabama. My brother in law was a member of the Aryan Brotherhood. My own mother is prejudiced in an old fashioned "black people are all right but not living next door to me" way. She had a total freak out when black people moved next door to her. Now she brags about what great people they are and how good friends they have become. She is racist and tries hard not to be. Many white people in her generation are like that. They are uncomfortable and don't know what to do with their discomfort. To top that off xenophobia IMO is a NATURAL reaction. So unless you are acclimated to strangers, like people in urban areas, you tend to react with fear and distrust. And this has nothing to do with just skin color. Strange accents, different languages, ect can all trigger a xenophobic reaction. This is one reason I think that Urban areas vote more Democratic. Urban dwellers are used to being around people that look and talk and behave different, and they don't fear them.
At it's core, that is what racism is, fear.

But white supremacists take it a step further, they are afraid enough to feel they need to fight back. Even innocent appearing things like the Quiverfull movement are spawned by fear that "blue eyes will go extinct", or that "Islam is the fastest growing religion". Underneath, the motivation is fear and racism and a desire to keep things white.

So yeah, the numbers of card carrying white supremacists in the country might be low, but the number of people nursing closet racism or suffering from a xenophobia they can't control is not.

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