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Read my posts with the following stupid accent: IN MY HEAD (MOSTLY)
In discussing rascism, we can't forget that important context of culture in the argument.

I grew up with the white australian as a part of england culture.
I only ever knew one aboriginal and one jew until I don't know how old.

Italians and Greeks were as foreign and unknown as Chinese. All three owning fast food shops.

Now the White English Australian Culture I grew up with has changed a lot, but not in all areas and not for all Australians.

It is those Australian who don't want their culture changed by Moslems or Asians.
Are they wrong?
Is it so wrong not to want your culture to change?

Of course the same people buy all the cheap chinese junk because it is cheaper
this ol' world keeps spinning round, it's a wonder tall trees ain't laying down, comes a time.

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