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I searched for the meaning of Quaedvlieg. "Vlieg" means "housefly" in Dutch. No language admits to the word "quaed", not even Latin.
John Bellenden Ker's A supplement to the two volumes of the second edition of The essay on the archaeology of our popular phrases, terms, and nursery rhymes (James Ridgway, London, 1840) mentions the Dutch words 'quaed' and 'qwaed' and says its meaning is 'bad'.

As for the the Border Force Commissioner's comment that its activities are aimed to keep Australia safe, reminds me of (Godwin alert) the government of another nation. Indeed, what are the establishments such as the Nauru "detention" facility, if not concentration camps? The racism is betrayed by the fact that not a single one of the 50,000 foreign Caucasians who are illegally in Australia at any one time have ever been sent to any of them. The White Australia Policy has been revived with a vengeance, and it is a bipartisan affair because it is so popular with the average Australian mug punter.

ETA: Useful page regarding the global distribution of people named bad fly here. It's definitely Dutch in origin. I am surprised that not a single person by that name can be found living in South Africa. Of course it's possible that all 26 people with that name in Australia have migrated from there when apartheid was abolished, and they needed to find a new home with racist policies.

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