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Read my posts with the following stupid accent: The Wild West (A.K.A.) Arizona
Anyone know what "Swamp" A.K.A. evaporative coolers are? Water sprays over a pad and a centrifugal fan blows the "cool" air into a house.
If it's VERY dry it might cool things down around 20 degrees. Since it regularly gets to 110 (and higher) that means it's still around 90. But hey 100 is just warm it doesn't start to get very warm until it's about 105.
Summer nights stay in the 90s. In the city at least it doesn't cool off much at night. The concrete and buildings form a heat island and hold the heat in.
I grew up with just one of those swamp coolers in my house. I didn't get an AC unit until I was around 30.
I was working in a tin shed "cooled" with evaporative coolers the year it turned 122 F.
Don't even think of turning your AC down to around 70. You wouldn't be able to afford the electric bills. As my bill goes up the thermostat is set up from the lower 80s, middle 80s, close to ninety.
Oh, and I could tell you about unloading semi-truck trailers that have been out in the heat. But that's another story.
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