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Read my posts with the following stupid accent: Evil Duckess
He isn't stupid, but he is ignorant of many many things and won't admit it or ask for more information. Instead of surrounding himself with intelligent people who know things, he prefers sycophants. He misses subtle things and just doesn't give a shit about others. He is difficult to manipulate because he turns on a dime. Characteristics of narcissism.

Despite campaigning as an outsider, he likes the good old boy networking as long as he is the top dog in the good old boy room. This is why he does much of his "work" on the golf course in small private meetings in a typical rich white male setting.

I think the presidency has been very stressful for him. I think he tried to conform a bit to expectations at first, felt betrayed, still feels betrayed, and now has gone full "fuck it".

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