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Some Pawleeen word salad..

I see there is a lot of intolerance that is happening in this chamber, the whole fact is, it is not taking into consideration those people who are marriage celebrants, who for whatever reason, whether it be religious or non-religious reasons, because they donít wish to marry a couple, are going to be left themselves wide open, because you may be sued or for litigation.
The thing re celebrants is probably as dumb an argument as it was here - priests, clerics, ministers, preachers etc. have never had to marry anyone they didn't want to marry. They have never had to marry couples they thought unsuitable for any number of reasons, including such things as not members of that church or Catholic and divorced or not able to attend counselling sessions etc.

There has never been a case in Canada of a gay couple 'suing' or a cleric being 'forced' to marry anyone.

Likely helps that UCOC is the largest Protestant denom. here and they were marrying gay couples before it was even possible to do so legally, and have gay ministers as well, should you be so picky.
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