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Cat Mafia - Day 4

Day 4 brightens us with tidings of great joy. Great joy, I say. Well, maybe not entirely without a tinge of dallying dilly melancholy. You see, or rather may wish to avert your eyes over bluish, wrinkled, old sack-like procreative devices; for Itchy hath been reunited with his stones. Happy birthday, dear friend!

It was a long journey, involving seagulls apparently, and it's doubtful the wee dickins of a mouse will be joining us anytime soon, principally due to the extensive time requirements involved on testicular ablaut reduplication, but a joyous moment nonetheless.

Imp was Itchy, an extraordinary mouse quite adept at cat extermination as the need arises, yet Vanilla Town just the same.

This day is scheduled to end in 24 hours and 40 minutes.

Living Players:

"She swallowed the bird to catch the spider,
That wriggled and jiggled and tickled inside 'er." - MSG (of diva)
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