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We get ice storms more often than snow. The city will shut down entirely for ice.

Once upon a time, my ex and I were at a friends house when an Ice storm hit. It was like 3 am and we decided to drive home. It was only 2 miles. We had a 4 wheel drive truck and figured there would be no traffic. There was about 3 inches of ice on everything.

It took us 4 hours to go 2 miles on a 5 lane road at 3 am with no traffic in 4 wheel drive. This is because anytime we got above 5 mph we started skating. Sometimes we went sideways, sometimes we even skated backwards, and often we skated in circles. Much of the time we had to hug the curb for traction. I wouldn't ever want to do that again.

Another time, the ice hit while I was driving to work. I was on a crowded expressway. I was on an overpass when the demolition derby started. Me and another woman near me had pulled over when the first crashes started and gotten out of our cars and were on the side of the bridge holding on to a light post while disaster and mayhem exploded around us. Her car got sideswiped but mine only took a light bump to the rear. We just left our cars where they were. Nobody came to tow them. They closed the expressway and let everyone go get their cars later that afternoon when the ice melted.

Anyway, ice is a poor conductor of electricity. So it's safer than water, but it turns to water so you can't trust it.

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