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Do you think Biden won the US election fairly (in 2020)

Not talking about all the times he lost his bid for the Presidency. Though now that I mention it...he lost every time he tried, until he won bigger than any previous candidate (including his old boss, Obama)

The clearest indicator to me, that it wasn't fair, was the media. They treat each candidate quite differently, under similar circumstances. With the media so fully, and so firmly on the side of the Biden team, it makes both a lot less trustworthy to me.

He didn't even campaign...The media did a good job of that for him, at least as far as some are concerned, but he didn't face tough questions, didn't spend much time talking unscripted at all.

I'm led to understand that many who voted for Biden, didn't know about the scandals and foreign ties hidden by the media. It does seem to be true enough. Most of his 'greenie' supporters, for example, might not like that his son was getting huge payouts from Burisma. (unless Burisma is a lot greener than I thought)
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