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Idk I'm just watching the first Democratic debate. Election is just under a year from now.

Clinton - Wife of former President (and one of the most popular Democratic presidents to-date) Bill Clinton, experienced politician in her own right. Open flip-flopper but lifetime politician who knows the game and knows how to get agendas through even if they aren't as liberal as those of us on the left would like

Sanders - Senator of Vermont, possibly the most liberal state in the US - pretty much only elects independents because they're too socialist for the Democratic party to swallow. As such, card-carrying commie. Pretty decent dude, potentially racist - but hey, he's like 80, so he's doing well for his generation - but totally unelectable because too many people in this country are still uncomfortable with the words "socialism" and "communist"

The rest are all shmucks no one cares about.

I'll do a write-up about Republicans when the next Republican debate happens.
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