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Bro D, have you tried Roll for the Galaxies, yet? I think I may have mentioned it (2-6 players).
Nope, haven't tried that one.
Originally Posted by Mantis
Another one that the kids might actually be able to play is Mystic Vale (2-4 players). It's sort of like Dominion. I think it might be a bit better
Oh cool. I like Dominion, so I should probably try out Mystic Vale.

My latest acquisition is Gloomhaven. I'm rather intimidated by the sheer amount of stuff in it. (It weighs over 17 lbs.) But I'm determined to figure out how to play it one of these days.
nice! Haven't played that one, I think.

I just got introduced to Rising Sun. It's a minimum of 3 players. Japanese type war game. Lots of little idols/monsters that you can recruit and play with on the field. And then you have a system based on honour. So the more honour you have, the more you can do (because you beat ties). However, there is an aspect of the game that benefits those that have the lowest honour. Thieve/Pirate type of game. I have only played it once, so I don't know what middle ground honour game play might be... but then again, it all depends on the character you are playing.

Maybe it would be a game for the kids, when they are a bit older. I really recommend it though.

At first I was completely intimidated by it. Just thought I'd just go through the motions and play the damn game. But after the first round or so, it clicks really easily, and becomes something easy to grasp.

Just dive into the one you have! It'll probably take a few hours of frustration in trying to figure it out! But it'll be fine after
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