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I think that those, that have a higher pay, and complain about paying taxes, because they want more money for themselves, are greedy. I think that because in a lot of cases, these people are also lucky, that they happen to have a job that awards them with a higher pay, overall.

Take for instance, a software developer, over a teacher. The developer is going to make way more than a teacher would. Or say, an accountant, over a support worker.

Does a developer and an accountant do more work than a teacher or support worker? No.

But, the former have been so lucky, as to be placed in the category of a higher paying position... for who knows why.

So when I see people, of higher pay, complaining about paying taxes (ie, they are conservative), because they think they somehow deserve more than the average, and are then disgruntled because they have to pay more taxes.. well, I say.. they didn't necessarily deserve to be paid more than others, in the first place.
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