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When I was younger, I got a job at OPG (Ontario Power Generation), as a co-op student, for the IT department. Got paid $23/hour. And I thought at the time, that that was an extreme amount of money for what I did... I did nothing, really. Prior to that, I had been working minimum wage jobs where you had to bust your ass.

So, one day at the job, I finished everything I needed to finish within hours of starting. I ended up deciding that I needed to do something to justify the pay that I was getting paid.. so I started dusting off and cleaning up this bookshelf that we had on display, in the office. My manager ends up coming up to me and saying, basically, "wtf are you doing?" .. so I explained that I felt I should do something, since I had nothing to do.

She told me, if you have nothing to do, then just sit and read about the company's policies online.

This same job, I was flabbergasted about how little my manager actually did.. she was a great women; but she used to complain about having to respond to emails. She was CIO (Chief Information Officer).

This was the first time in my life, where I saw how easy it was to have an office job, versus a physical labour type job - where you got paid way less than the former. And you ended up working harder.

That's why I think that now, even higher paying jobs, doesn't make it so that you are doing more work, or that you are in a somehow, higher league than others. In fact, it's made me realize that a lot of white collared workers have it pretty damn easy, whereas blue collared are doing a shit load of work.
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