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Well Jerome, let's not get too crazy here. Bizarre RCMP or other national covert agencies aside, this killer was first a long time working denturist (a lucrative profession) who dabbled in local real estate, a violent man with a known abusive past and an obsession with police (not just the RCMP), and his known crimes, the multiple murders, were mostly committed on his neighbours, none of whom had remotely any criminal connections other than that two of them, married to each other, one of whom was his cousin, were ordinary corrections officers in two provincial prisons.

Plenty of men like him exist, there's one in many rural communities, just most of them never escalate to going on an outright murder rampage. Everyone knows who they are and avoids interacting with them as much as is possible. I've known of a few personally. Everything other than this speculation about the nature of this odd money withdrawal is local and consistent with an ordinary lifetime of hateful behaviour, domestic violence, resentment towards family and close acquaintances. He assaulted, over years, a young teenager, his own father, his ex-wife, his current girlfriend, and probably other people who never went to police. People were afraid of him, knew he had a gun collection, were reluctant to rat on him for fear of reprisals, some actually sold their properties and left the area to get away from him.

Sparse policing in rural areas and family ties, where the person is related to many individuals in a community and by extension to the larger community often quells action being taken against them until and if they escalate to a level the community can't live with. Normally that's when they end up in prison or a mental institution. This guy went right over that edge and wasn't stopped until it was too late.
I had one of those married to my Mom, several years ago. I helped her untangle from that situation. The guy tried to get me in trouble, and followed me a bit. There was a lot more than that, but no matter how 'asshole' he is, I don't suspect alphabet agencies.

He still lives in his tiny community, with a huge gun collection, and many people afraid to spend time with him. The cops know (at least as much as I told them) but his neighbours know more, if you know what I mean.
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