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It was so hot here today, that the wax had melted on the candle I had outside.

I moved the thermometer into the bedroom to gauge the temperature at one point, it was 32 degrees.

Called HVAC today to get the a/c repaired.. and the next available appointment is not this Friday, but the next. The other person we called simply said that he didn't have the time.

Quebec is going through an extreme heat wave at the moment. Should cool down in a few days.. but even still, it's still supposed to be around 29 degrees for the "cool" period
My freezer (all this stuff is similar) screws up every few years in this fashion:

Ice builds up, stopping air flow, limiting function severely.

All I have to do, to 'temp repair' for this, is let it thaw completely (which removes the obstruction) and plug it back in again.

Close examination of the unit, with the only tools being your eyes, is pretty safe to do.

I wish you comfort, neighbour.
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zel, would you consider not enabling the shitting up of our forum by engaging in these conversations?

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