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Do sports matter?

I was talking about the differences between the sexes, and found that it became very regular for people to say that the performance differences between sexes didn't matter to things like employment.

I think they don't, overall. Individuals should be paid based on the work done, not on sex (or height, or charm, or ability to negotiate salary)

I do think, however, that it DOES matter to groups, so the 'gender wage-gap' myth would be affected. Since men, as a group, outperform women in every measurable sports competition I can find (there are only two I could find where women regularly outperform men) I would expect that carries over into every competitive area, such that it should be reflected in average earnings.

I mean, I still enjoy watching female competitors, I just don't delude myself into thinking they could compete across the sexes in strength, speed, endurance or shit-talking.
So the main question - since men outperform so consistently, does it matter to the average income of the large groups 'women' and 'men'?
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