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Originally Posted by OmicronPersei8 View Post
you're big on running yourself aren't you?
I love running. Learning to enjoy it, and enjoying it changed my life.

Changed my outlook on the value of athletics, too.

Have you an opinion on the original question? Or are you just hinting that you want to join me on my run today?

Originally Posted by Zeluvia View Post
I think your categories are too large to generalize. To really get at the heart of sports performance, you have to look at DNA. For example, there are populations where the females could easily outrun the males of other populations. It's all about what everyone was doing to survive 3 to 10k years ago, what environment they lived in and what people inherited.
True enough (or might be) but it doesn't change the current situation.

Men outperform women in EVERY athletic endeavour (except maybe for endurance swim)

Since it is so consistent and predictable that they win the overwhelming number of competitions, it makes sense to me that in a large sample, men would outperform women in earning, as well.

I don't think this means they should be paid differently, just that they will end up 'winning' high salaried positions and earnings more often if they are men.

Which female populations regularly outperform male populations? I would be VERY interested to see it. Africans seem to be the fastest women around, but they still fall a bit behind men everywhere...
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