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I think your categories are too large to generalize. To really get at the heart of sports performance, you have to look at DNA. For example, there are populations where the females could easily outrun the males of other populations. It's all about what everyone was doing to survive 3 to 10k years ago, what environment they lived in and what people inherited.
By the way, I think comparing the incomes of men vs women is also 'too large to generalize', but many people still take it pretty seriously.
I think it's been pretty well shown the difference in incomes is due to social/behavior factors. Sure in the 1950's women were paid less than men because society as a whole felt women only worked till they got married. But that idea is going away. There is still the stigma that women won't stick around and dedicate to a career because they will stop to have babies, but that is also going away as society makes it easier for women to work AND have babies. Being able to work from home and telecommute are big factors here.

Also, its been shown women don't negotiate or demand pay raises as well or as often as men. That is a learned social behavior that can change. Men tend to continue to keep in touch with fraternity brothers and others in their social networks and help each other out. Women don't. Another behavior that can change.

It is a problem and pressure need to be applied in order to keep focusing on correcting it but I see progress on all fronts.

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