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LH don't make me crazy : )
Don't buy Longhair's long-suffering martyr persona. He's almost certainly the last scum. His claim of being LHF is BS, he's very much alive 4 days into the game in spite of all the sighing and self-voting.

It's him or you, and I do not believe it's you.

although you did remind me of that game with tere and praying.
Well, there is a poetic out. The MRMatriarchy can just kill the last man standing.

Bor I would have been a lot happier with your game if you had done a few reads lists here and there.
I've been doing less reads lists last several games. I felt like I was doing too many at gut level and they weren't the least accurate, esp. those percentage ones I used to do.

Also this game seemed to move very fast, or maybe it's the cold medication effect.
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