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Originally Posted by Magicziggy View Post
If PH is town and we mislynch then it is 2-2 after night kill and town lives to fight it out with no hope of winning unless tw protects the kill.
We're fucked if we're not careful. Carlsson's vote doesn't count, so without my double vote we may not have enough votes. If I double vote today, I can't busdrive myself tonight. I don't give a shit if we do Jerome or charlou, but those are the two scum we need to kill. Hopefully TW can protect me or I can busdrive myself with whichever scum we don't kill.

Originally Posted by Magicziggy View Post
Universal post truth backup that inherits the role of a dead back up.

How are we reading this?
I recognize those words as english, but not the sentence formation
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