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Originally Posted by spruce View Post
Yeah, I have a very bad taste in my mouth over how we've been disparaged every time we've thrown our hat into the ring.
I'm sure diva may differ with me, but last year I went out of my way to get participation from 8 different communities, only to have CFB backout and force my substitution. Then I lost that first game 'cause one of the players didn't bother to read before posting the last day. Still, they advanced me to a consolation game with diva where the player who lost (where diva won) was advanced instead of her by blatant cheating that the mods agreed was cheating but did nothing about other than rewarding the cheater.
I'm done with MU and especially rounding up players for them from other sites, including diva from TR.
I hope she does well again this year though.
CFb? The only person that I remember trying to play on a team with was Jerome, but that was an unrelated game? Who was my CFb "partner" even? Jerome is not signed up to CFb. & yeah M.U. is super demanding and hard and makes me feel bad about myself for not participating hardcore enough (or participating too much) or whatever. You also aren't legally allowed to call people "dipsticks" or "salty trashfire bitches" or any other fun, creative ad hominem insult @ M.U. without getting scolded (by a mod/modbot).
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