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Originally Posted by Mantisdreamz View Post
No idea there were judges.. it's quite serious isn't it
It can be. Some folk get a prenup and everything, or at least negotiate terms for how the battles will be conducted. I got MU to promise there would be absolutely NO use of mustard, 'cause I'm more of a mayo kind of guy.

Although... there was once this really cute girl I met one time at Kensington Market, I think her name was Fátima - Yeah, 'cause I remember now that she kind of really did remind me a little of a Moorish princess; and she was selling loads of these frozen jars of moose. And she would smile at me and say, "Wouldn't you like to have a frozen jar of moose?" And I was like, "Well, yeah!", 'cause sometimes pretty smiling girls had that effect on me. And she said, "They're really good with a bit of mustard." So now I have like a thing for frozen moose with mustard.

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