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FFS, look at the Republican candidates. The at this stage runaway leader promises to expel 10 or 15 million people from the land of the free. Just like that. Has he ever spent as much as a minute trying to assess what this policy would require logistically, or what the consequences will be? Then there's his proposed tax reform. I bet he has not even done a back of the envelope calculation on how to spread each dollar of his tax increases out to cover 50 dollars of his tax cuts, but then Trump has always been more of a fan of so called reality shows than actual reality.
We keep trying to tell ourselves that he's just a big joke gone bad but he hasn't gone away

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On the Democratic side. Clinton would have made a very suitable Republican candidate during the 60s or 70s
Fun fact, she actually started off her political work for Goldwater and other Republicans just before that era

She was into the Democratic party by 68 and her and Bill worked in Texas for McGovern's campaign in 72.
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