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too boring to be considered weird
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01. Majiffy * late townish rally D1 [lv D1 rach D2 MZ]
02. Timewave * D1 WK rach D2 vote rach then say he knew she was town wtf [lv D1 jerfy D2 rach]
03. borealis * D2 town bor is here amirite let's tribiangulate [D1 nolynch D2 MZ]
05. nostrum * TOWN no spreadsheet!!!11! [D1 nolynch D2 MZ]
06. Imp * possibly town but meh and can he help us without any balls? [lv D1 gib D2 MZ]
07. Zeluvia * towny even scum MZ thinks so! [D1 nolynch D2 rach]
11. longhair75 * "working" hard [D1 nolynch D2 MZ]
12. Mantisdreamz * dodgy [D1 nolynch D2 MZ]
10. OP8 ***N1 killed: deadweight; paranoid cop
09. MZ ***D2 lynch: due to be scum aaaand was!Öscum goon, lovers with rach
13. rach ***D2 died with lover MZ: blocker, lover
04. Catavenger ***D2 godkilled: MRtown too boring doc
08. gib ***N2 killed: worn down head-clearer (relationship breaker)
NNNNight moves 
N1 town blocker rach blocks OP8
Imp claim: ball cutter (??doc??) cut Imp's balls off
N2 nos claim: blocked and given 7 kittens, I mean you canít make this stuff up
I thought I was in a bad mood but it's been a few years so I think this is who I am now
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